Coaching is about helping people find their way through the ups and downs of life.  We all need help from time to time, whether it is during a life transition or an emotionally challenging time in life.  The question is “Are you willing to ask for help?”  If the answer is yes, then you have taken the first step towards success.  We were not built to go through life alone.  That doesn’t mean you need a partner, but you do need people in your corner who are there for you, cheering you on throughout the good times and the bad times.  We lean on them when we are struggling, and we ask for their opinion when making a decision, both in good times and in bad.  The people we have chosen to be in our corner tell us their opinions to the best of their ability, but are their opinions best for us and the best path for us to take?  Sometimes, but not always, which is where a coach comes into play.  A coach will help each client find the path that is best for them, not best for someone else.  There is not a clear path, no right and wrong answer, for every person.  Everyone is different, from values to passions, we are all very different.  At PAASI, we give support and structure to all clients in order to help them find their best individual path, their best individual way.  We hope to help you too!