After spending 15 years in business across multiple industries, I decided I finally had enough experience to begin my career in my true calling of helping others.  I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology and political science from Texas Tech University, and currently pursuing my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.  While working in business, I found the most joy from mentoring employees into knowing their true potential, allowing them to rise through the ranks.  I have worked in every level of business, from the sales position to Director of Operations to Founder/CEO.   I have had a very diverse career, but each was a building block to the next piece.  Each block added specific knowledge, and in the end, I understand how businesses work as a whole as well as how each piece works. 

Right out of college, I started in sales, working for commission only because I was able to make more money that way.  After I conquered how to be successful in sales, I went into management.  I had worked in the restaurant industry since I was 15 years old through college, so restaurant management fit my skills and knowledge well.  I worked my way up through management into the executive level as VP of business development.  I went on to become the director of marketing of a home care company, which quickly led me into director of operations.  I still to this day manage the staff and clients.  Thankfully I found a way to streamline the processes into working for me instead of me working for the processes.  After mastering this, I branched out into website development sales, which led to actually building the websites myself.  I saw companies taking advantage of clients simply because they did not know anything about websites, which went against my core beliefs, so I fixed the problem by being a source for small businesses to get a website at a fair price.  I then moved into online marketing, understanding how google and social media can be used to increase sales.  I also learned how to leverage products to receive the highest ROI possible.  After marketing, I immersed myself in the operations of a 9-branch company to improve my skills of processes and efficiency, as well as improve my decision-making skills.

Once it was time for me to go back to school, I became a certified life coach to start working with people who do not have mental illness, but need some help navigating career, relationships, and life in general.  I approach each client as a unique individual, making sure to use the theoretical structure that best suits that person and their needs.  I believe in allowing each client to explore their areas of contention in a safe, comfortable environment in order to find the path best suited for them. I have a talent for thinking outside the box, giving me the ability to see solutions to difficult situations.  

I have a servant’s heart, giving my spare time to volunteering at local charities, as well as national organizations.  I am currently working with The Love Regime and GWEN Live. Aside from volunteering, I enjoy photography, reading suspense novels, and watching movies; that is when I’m not reading journals about new therapeutic techniques and theories.  I have even started teaching myself how to play the piano, although the jury is still out on whether or not I will accomplish this latest task.  

Life is messy and difficult at times, but I am here for you during your struggles.  I look forward to helping you on your path toward a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life journey!