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Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM

After spending 15 years in business management and development across multiple industries, I moved into coaching to help others, particularly small businesses.  

Education – I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science, and a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.  You would be surprised by how similar families and businesses are.

While working in business, I found the most joy from mentoring employees into knowing their true potential, allowing them to rise through the ranks.  I have worked in every level of business, from the sales position to Director of Operations to Founder/CEO.   I have had a very diverse career, but each was a building block to the next piece.  Each block added specific knowledge, and in the end, I understand how businesses work as a whole as well as how each piece works. 

In addition to working with businesses, I became a certified life coach to start working with people who do not have mental illness, but need some help navigating career, relationships, and life in general.  I approach each client as a unique individual.  I believe in allowing each client to explore their areas of contention in a safe, comfortable environment in order to find the path best suited for them. I have a talent for thinking outside the box, giving me the ability to see possible solutions to difficult situations.  

Whether I am working with a blue collar employee or a C-level executive, my approach is the same.  I look at where you are and where you want to go, then together we create a plan of action.  I work to help in any capacity.  Life is messy and difficult at times, but change is inevitable.  Take the steps necessary to make the change be growth.  I look forward to helping you on your path toward a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life journey!