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A website is an essential piece of every business. It establishes the identity of the business to potential customers, but that is not its only function. A website is much more than a digital business card. If done correctly, the website can be a tool the business uses to attract new customers, to provide resources and information to current customers, and to close product sales. When developing a new site for a business, the focus is on the wants and needs of the user (customer). We want to make sure they can easily find the information they are looking for, while also guiding them to the places we want them to see.

Technology of a Website

We have a programmer that codes in 12 different languages, and can literally make something out of thin air. However, what is the cost/benefit analysis of that option for a website? It’s not a very good one in our opinion. The time to use a programmer is in streamlining operational processes and adding automation for business expansion. When talking about a standard website, even an ecommerce website, it is much more cost effective to use the software already created and on the market for use. We know what technology is available, how to get it, and how to use it.

We mainly create websites using the WordPress content management system with customized designs. This allows us to keep your cost low with a higher return on investment. We absolutely can create custom solutions when needed, we just prefer to help you keep your money in your own pocket! WordPress has a very easy-to-use back office if you prefer to make your own updates, or we are happy to do that for you! We can seemlessly manage content updates and technology updates as needed. We have experience building websites from all platforms currently available, but wordpress is by far the most advanced when it comes to available software to power your site. The wordpress community is a collaboration of programmers from all over the world, sharing their expertise with everyone.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How does a website show up in a search engine, such as Google? There are two ways: keywords and locations. Google uses an algorithm to sort through the vast database of websites on the web using specific qualifiers. It is not just looking for the keyword in the metadata, but also the level of authority of the website. In order to establish authority with Google, you must have continual new content, multiple pages per keyword, pages focused on one keyword, length of time the domain has been registered as well as the length of time before it expires, etc. There is also local SEO that is geared towards being in the top of the list of nearby businesses. It is not actuallly based on the closest in relation to distance, but is in the general city with the best location SEO. We can help you move up towards the top organically without having to pay Google for a premium spot on the list of businesses.

Ecommerce – Selling your products and services online

The more automated you can make the sales process, the more profit you make. Imagine making sales when you are not even there to close the deal. Ecommerce options allow you to scale the business without increased costs of sales people. If you are not sure if what you sell can be sold online, we are happy to consult to see what and how we can help expand your sales and grow your business.

Marketing Websites

Online marketing is constantly growing and changing as new technology and new social media platforms become available. This can be done organically or utilizing paid advertising on the different platforms. Either way, we are here to help you! Each social media platform has a different audience based on function and even generations. If you ask a 20 year old about Facebook, they will probably giggle and say that’s for old people. As for function, Twitter is focused on small word snipets; Instagram is focused on pictures; LinkedIn is focused on business topics; Facebook is focused on personal topics; and the list goes on. We are here to help you navigate how to use each platform, when do use paid advertising, and how to attact potential customers.

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