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We offer multiple different ways to help your team be the best that they can be. From personal coaching sessions to entire staff training, we are here to help!

Personal Coaching

Business is never just business because human beings are involved. It isn’t easy to leave your personal stress and distress at the door when you get to work. It takes strength and practice. When it comes to stress at work, there is definitely not a coat rack to hang it on so you can keep moving forward. What do we do with our stress? We manage it, try to push it off to the side, and do our best to keep working. However, it does still affect our work. It slows us down. It affects our efficiency, and ultimately our productivity. All of that culminates into a lower ROI of that employee.

What can be done? Business owners and managers do not have time and are not equipped to deal with emotions of their employees. They just need them to do their jobs, which is why bringing in a specialized business coach to work directly with employees can absolutely increase profit. The more emotionally stable the staff is, the more invested they are in the work. Our business coach is a therapist, life coach, and business coach. Regardless of what is holding the employee back from working at an optimal level, our coach can help them move through it in order to get them back to work.

Group Coaching

With experience in sales, marketing, and operations, we can help your staff focus their efforts and expand their knowledge. Employees know the product and/or services, but do they know the best ways to accomplish their tasks? Group coaching is focused on specific areas of the business at a time. For example, the sales team would be in one group session, etc. Let us help bring the knowledge of technology that can be used to streamline their efforts.

Team Building

This is focused on the entire staff as a whole. Imagine if a co-worker could know when you are stressed out and what to do for you to help you continue working? We create customized team building sessions geared toward your business, your industry, and the staff’s exact needs. We try to create a more cohesive relationship between the members that allow them to work together smoothly and efficiently. This is not your typical team building exercises. We will not be playing useless games and giving meaningless applause to the attendees. We are focused on closing the gaps between staff members, increasing awareness, and adding tools to their toolbox.

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