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Working with a group of peers is a powerful way to learn and grow through lessons and discussions.  PAASI has a few group programs geared towards adolescents and young adults, as well as one for small business owners.  Contact us today if you are interested in joining one of our group programs!

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Learning Program

(12 week program)

  1. Introduction to the group & fellow members
  2. Self-awareness, self-esteem, and sense of self
  3. Social awareness and social media
  4. Assertiveness and communication
  5. Empathy including understanding and compassion
  6. Self-regulation
  7. Self-reflection
  8. Intrapersonal and interpersonal decision making
  9. Problem solving strategies
  10. Relationships, including parents, family, and friends
  11. Community, social circles, and bullying
  12. Summary, final discussions, and termination of the group

Life Skills Group

(12 week program)

  1. Introduction to the group & fellow members
  2. Building self-esteem and a sense of self
  3. Overcoming feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety
  4. Goal setting, creating a plan, and following through
  5. Colleges and careers – how to choose and how to handle changes when needed
  6. Work ethic, and applying that to both school and personal tasks
  7. Friendships, socialization, and romantic relationships
  8. Time management and money management
  9. Safety and housing
  10. Cooking in a cost effective and healthy way
  11. Automotive care – basic skills of changing a flat tire, checking fluids, and basic knowledge of how to handle a situation when it arises.
  12. Summary, final discussions, and termination of the group

College Preparation Group

(12 Week Program)

  1. Introduction – choosing a school and degree program
  2. College application, essay, and resume
  3. Financial aid and money management
  4. Overcoming stress, fear, and anxiety
  5. Study skills
  6. Time management – balancing socialization and school priorities
  7. Navigating relationships, both romantic and platonic
  8. Safety and housing
  9. Health and fitness, including healthy cooking tips and tricks
  10. Automotive basic knowledge, tips and tricks
  11. Beyond College
  12. Summary, final discussions, and termination of the group

Christian Peer Discussion Group

  1. Introduction to the group, members, and topics
  2. Stewardship: Spreading God’s love through words and actions
  3. Social Awareness: Noticing the unnoticed
  4. Building self-esteem: Within myself and helping others to build
  5. Peer pressure: Overcoming and supporting others
  6. Social Media: What is the message you are spreading to the world?
  7. Self-reflection: Improving our future selves
  8. Leadership: Teaching the world around us
  9. Relationships: Parents, family, friends, romantic
  10. Community involvement: Serving others
  11. Prayer: Listening for God’s direction
  12. Final discussions, summary, and termination of the group

Community Development Program

(12 week program)

  1. Introduction to the group & begin discussing ideas for bettering the community
  2. Defining the mission and begin the plan of action, i.e. business plan
  3. Research, apply the research, and refine the plan
  4. How to build a functional and productive website
  5. Website building continued
  6. Creating marketing materials
  7. Building a team
  8. Fundraising and establishing referral partners
  9. How to register a business and gain non-profit status (501c3)
  10. Segments of a business and how they work together
  11. Managing a business, including employees
  12. Summary, final discussions, and termination of the group

Small Business Advsory Council

(Ongoing group that meets bi-weekly)

When you decide to go into business for yourself, you are driven by your passion, but a business is more than just the product or service.  Operations, managing employees, marketing and sales can be difficult at times.  When you encounter an issue that you do not really know how to deal with, what do you do?  For most, they make the best decision they can with the knowledge they possess.  However, what if you had a group of other business owners to discuss how they dealt with similar issues?  Now you have multiple different perspectives of solutions for you to consider, allowing you to implement a solution that is best for you and your business.